AiGIS is a 3D GIS designed for analysis on exploration data of irregular-shaped small bodies. The shape of a target body is represented by a polygon model, and geographic information is associated with polygons of the model. AiGIS can visualize and manipulate the shape model and map data on it.


Latest release

The source code of AiGIS is under preparation to release.

Previous releases

Previous releases can be found here.

Sample data

These data are distributed as a sample. DO NOT use them in your actual scientific research projects.

See below for a detailed description of the dataset for AiGIS.


Latitude-Longitude grid generator

How to use


Before start-up AiGIS, it convenient to set your local directory environment to AiGIS preference file (

Location of

Items in



Model manipulation

Work with Map data

Work with Graph map data

Image and Map image mapping

Multi-view mode

NOTICE: Multi-view mode requires a certain amount of memories. We recommend using a data-set containing a single model to avoid slowing down of operation when using this mode (see Itokawa sample (low-resolution data for the Multi-view mode).

Data format

Map data

Sample: Itokawa_elevation_64.txt

#Data Name (Appeared on the Map data list)
#Unit (or description)
#The Number of Polygons
#Polygon_ID Value (Tab and Space is allowed as delimiter)
1	-3.451888084411621
#Continue for all polygones
2	-3.431725025177002
3	-3.906290054321289
4	-4.018442153930664
5	-4.496425151824951

Notes on Map data

Graph map data

Sample: nirs_spcmap_051116.txt (NIRS Spectra)

#Name of Map data that the graph map data is associated
#Unit (or description) for the X-axis
#Unit (or description) for the Y-axis
#The Number of Polygons
#_ Values for the X-axis (1st column should be '_') ...
_ 2247.88 2224.32 2200.76 2177.20 ...
#Polygon_ID Values for the X-axis ...
1 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 ...
#Continue for all polygones ...
2 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 ...

Notes on Graph Map data


Please send your questions and comments to Naru Hirata ( or our group mail address (


Hirata N. et al. (2018) AiGIS: A 3D-GIS for Visualization of Map and Shape of Irregular-Shaped Small Bodies, LPS XLIX, Abstract #1849.

Fujii Y. et al. (2007) Visualization Tool for 3D GIS Data, LPS XXXVIII, Abstract #1521.

Hirata N. et al. (2008) A GIS-Oriented Analysis Tool for Irregular Shaped Bodies, LPS XXXIX, Abstract #1584.


AiGIS was originally developed as a research project by students at the University of Aizu.

The project is supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 17K05639 and a collaborative research between JLPEDA/JAXA and the University of Aizu. Aizu Laboratory, Inc. supports development and maintenance of the software.